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Turn your camera light into a pocket flashlight

Turn your camera light into a pocket flashlight

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Program license: Free

Program by: Mobile Apps Inc.

Version: 1.7.4

Works under: Android


Program license

(209 votes)


Program by


Mobile Apps Inc.


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Flashlight LED Torch Light creates a flashlight using a smartphone's camera flash. The app simply connects to a smartphone's camera and activates its LED flash. Unsurprisingly, this particular app is quite simple and straightforward. Users will find barebones features here, and that's as much as one could expect. It's a basic app that serves an important purpose. Then again, many smartphone owners might wonder why they need this app. Most smartphones feature a built-in flashlight toggle after all.

Getting Started With Flashlight LED Torch Light

After installing this smartphone app, users can launch the app at the tap of a button. Users are then presented with a basic menu screen and nothing more. One button sits in the middle of the app, and a dial adorns the top portion of the screen. Tapping the main button turns the camera flash on, emitting a bright light in front of the user. On the other hand, swiping the dial creates a strobe effect, causing the LED to flash on and off. Virtually no other features or toggles can be found in this app at the moment.

What Flashlight LED Torch Light Gets Right

A more simple flashlight app might not be available at the moment. At installation, the app requests permission to access the camera, and that's it. Such a permission is required by default to access the LED flash on the device. Flashlight effects won't work for front-facing LED flash units, though. The app is lightweight and simple to use without draining a phone's battery too quickly. Unlike other flashlight apps, this particular solution doesn't ask for tons of unnecessary permissions on a given device.

What Flashlight LED Torch Light Gets Wrong

Perhaps the main issue with this smartphone app is that it serves a redundant purpose. Almost all modern smartphone operating systems features a flashlight toggle by default. Therefore, Flashlight LED Torch Light doesn't provide more than the average smartphone operating system. Some users might appreciate the strobe light effect, but most users will prefer to use the stock flashlight toggle on their smartphone. This app isn't useless by any means, however, it's a redundant app that most users can pass on.

Should Users Download This Smartphone App?

Unless you need a strobe light effect for your smartphone, Flashlight LED Torch Light is a lackluster app. The app provides a feature already found on most smartphones. Most smartphone users want to reduce the number of apps they have on their smartphones. By avoiding this particular app, they can rely upon a built-in flashlight instead. Flashlight LED Torch Light is the best app of its kind. Nonetheless it's hard to argue that a given person needs to download this app regardless of their particular needs.


  • The app is 100% free, lightweight, and easy to use
  • Users won't notice battery drain during prolonged use


  • Most smartphones include a built-in flashlight feature
  • Overall design is dated and somewhat ugly